No need to take a gamble when cooking your chicken with General Catering!  Take a look at the professional Inotech Rotisserie Chicken ovens here at General Catering.  We offer a fantastic parts and service guarantee on each oven, click here to check them out now.

These rotisserie ovens can cater for all volumes of poultry, from a small 4 bird rotisserie oven up to an 80 bird capacity oven.  All the Inotech ovens ensures your poultry receives an ‘A Grade’ standard of cooking!  

Not only does General Catering cater for different capacity rotisserie ovens but we also cater for different cooking styles of rotisserie ovens.  From the Inotech hot air rotisseries to the wall of flame rotisserie ovens through to the basket rotisseries and the classic fork spit rotisserie.  If you require the oven to be *island* sited, no problem, with our wide range of glass panelled rotisseries, you can have your oven in full view for your paying customers to view their chicken! 

All rotisserie ovens are super easy to use with most coming fitted with a simple touchscreen and they’re easy to clean to with removable shafts and fat collection trays.

Starting from a fantastically ‘CHEEP CHEEP’ £990!  Our professional standard rotisserie ovens are not to be clucked at!  If you’re in the market for a new rotisserie oven then give us a call on 01302 340742 or pop on over to the rotisserie oven section of our website by clicking here.