29 Mar

The fully automated grill and roast system for the entire food industry. General Catering are really excited to have the first example of this grill outside of Germany.

The Automatic Roasting and Grilling System for Professionals

The system is based on three rotating, horizontally arranged and evenly heated frying surfaces. The goods are inserted from above and passes through the grilling area at a constant speed. After that, they automatically exit the frying surface and are ready to serve.

The benefits of ROG:

  • Fat-free and thus healthy roasting
  • Approx. 100 pieces per hour
  • Integrated cleaning function
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Robust design (continuous operation)
  • Stable, transport-proof housing
  • 24 hours customer service

One Action Alone Is All That Is Needed

Meat laid in at the top, passes through the grilling area, bon appétit: ROG is easy to operate – even for inexperienced staff. All you need to do is set the throughput speed – the gastrogrill takes care of the rest. The advantage: human errors are minimized, efficiency and taste are optimized. In addition, you have your head and hands free to do other things, such as make the salad.

Faster, Better, More

Up to 80 portions in just 60 minutes? The gastrogrill ROG – ROLL ‘N’ GRILL makes it possible! Innovative technology allows the perfection of preparation of large quantities in a very short time – all portions are ready to serve straight away. Perfect for when something is required as quickly as possible or there’s a great rush of people!

All Around Perfect Results

Whichever way you turn it: with ROG – ROLL ‘N’ GRILL from AICHINGER, you always have the perfect roasting and grilling results. The secret is in the uniform temperature distribution and speed: these guarantee excellent succulence and outstanding aromas – whether with beef fillets, poultry breasts, or schnitzels. An additional plus: ROG – ROLL ‘N’ GRILL functions completely fat free – for 100 % healthy enjoyment.


Please take a look at the video below and if you have any questions please call us on 01302 340742