Great Leasing Options Coming Soon! 

General Catering will soon be providing fantastic leasing options for back of house equipment and front of house equipment.  Leasing offers some great benefits which include:

  • Tax efficient – 100% Tax allowable.
  • Ease cashflow put capital to work for more profitable purposes such as stock.
  • Pay for the equipment equipment as it is used & spread the cost through its working life.
  • Preserve other credit lines.
  • Plan budgets: Payments are fixed you know when & how much to pay.
  • Get the equipment you need, when you need it – not when you can afford it.
  • Make quality affordable. Improve your product & working environment with the very best equipment available.
  • Protect against inflation.
  • Tailored repayment options.
  • Easy to budget.

Want to Discuss Catering Equipment Leasing Options with our Equipment Specialists?

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