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Rational SELFCOOKINGCENTER® Model XS, electric

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Capacity 6 x 2/3 GN
Number of meals per day 20–80
Lengthwise loading 1/2, 2/3, 1/3,
2/8 GN
Width 655 mm
Depth 555 mm
Height 567 mm
Water inlet R 3/4“
Water outlet DN 40
Water pressure 150–600 kPa or
0.15-0.6 Mpa
Weight 72 kg
Connected load 5.7 kW
Fuse 3 x 10 A
Mains connection 3 NAC 400 V
“Convection” output 5.4 kW
“Steam” output 5.4 kW

Rear-ventilated triple-glazed cooking cabinet door, two hinged inside panes (for easy cleaning) with a
special heat-reflecting coating
• LED cooking cabinet and rack lighting – energy-saving, durable and low-maintenance
• Appliance plinth with surrounding seal
• Lengthwise loading for 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 GN accessories
• Removable, swivel hinging rack with flexible rack options on 11 levels
• Core temperature probe using 6 measuring points with automatic error correction. Positioning aid for core
temperature probe included
• Climate management – humidity measured, set and regulated to one percent accuracy. Actual humidity in
the cooking cabinet can be set and read on the control panel in Combi-Steamer modes
• Individual Programming of at least 1200 cooking programs with up to 12 steps
• Humidification variable in 3 stages from 86°F–500°F (30°C–260°C) in hot air or combination
• Integrated Ethernet and USB port
• High-performance, fresh-steam generator with automatic descaling
• Dynamic air circulation in cooking cabinet with reversing wheel fan with 5 fan speeds, programmable
• Integral, maintenance-free grease extraction system with no additional grease filter
• Operation without a water softener and without additional descaling
• Cool-down function for fast cabinet fan cooling
• Automatic adaptation to the installation location (height, climate, etc.)
• Material inside and out 304 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel
• Hand shower with automatic retracting system
• Fixed waste water connection conforming to SVGW requirements where permitted
• Demand-related energy supply
• 5 programmable proofing stages
• Automatic, pre-selected starting time with adjustable date and time

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Dynamic air circulation helps distribute the new heating elements’ and steam generator’s enormous output perfectly throughout the cooking cabinet. Cooking temperatures of up to 300 °C and intelligent climate management make even grilling, browning or au-gratin applications easy—even with full loads, of course. But the SelfCookingCenter® XS also sets new standards in the low-temperature range—poaching fish or eggs, for example, or preparing delicate desserts such as crème caramel.

Degree-specific temperature and humidity regulation, a powerful steam generator, intelligent cooking processes for a wide variety of products and automatic cleaning give both professional chefs and temporary assistants all of the functions of an ideal cooking system.

As with other RATIONAL units, operating the new SelfCookingCenter®XS is easy. The control display panel is not above the unit, but to the left of the door, which makes sense from both technical and ergonomic perspectives. This provides optimum user safety and protects the electronic components from long-term damage resulting from escaping steam.