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Reference: Minigel 1
Dimensions (w x d x h) mm 195 x 480 x 615
Temperature Range – 10 / + 1 u2103
Capacity 1 x 6 litre
Weight Kg 25
A new concept allowing the making and distribution of soft Italian ice cream in small quantities.
Main body – white/stainless steel.
6 litre Capacity
Makes the ice cream in less than an hour from mix + milk (or water : sorbet)
Polycarbonate interior slightly inclined to facilitate distribution and cleaning process.
Horizontal evaporator allowing conservation of product at an ideal temperature (around – 10°C)
Displays the temperature at the front.
Control panel (pre-set) allowing specific adjustments of temperature/product density/rotation speed of the mixer.
Device for blocks in the tap – a lock for closing lid.
Back panel (customisable) with a backlit LED light screen.
Interior defrosting system
Emergency stop system in case the lid opens
Suitable for all types of preparation for soft ice cream
Power required – 13amp

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