True refrigeration products are aimed at energy and environment conscious operators who are serious about food safety and quality.

All True products are designed around the core value of maintaining consistent food safe temperatures within real working kitchen environments, creating energy efficient equipment which doesn’t compromise on performance, all backed by a comprehensive 5 years parts & labour warranty at no additional cost.

For these reasons, True is the refrigeration supplier of choice to many global foodservice and hospitality brands.



Our Natural Refrigerant initiative aligns perfectly with operators focused on responsible environmental practices.  True “HC” products provide comparatively quicker temperature recovery and significantly reduce energy consumption.



All True products are covered, as standard, by an industry-leading 5 Years Parts & Labour Warranty.  We provide premier customer service and after-sale support to our clients locally, for guaranteed peace of mind.



We are world leaders in commercial refrigeration built on a reputation that every True product must be able to maintain consistent, accurate and safe storage temperatures, even in the most demanding of foodservice environments.



Today, every serious operator has targets around sustainability, including energy management programmes to reduce wastage.  By choosing the latest, most efficient equipment available, energy consumption can be considerably reduced.


Are your pan temperatures food safe?

It is essential for some foods, such as cooked meats, that they be kept at consistent temperatures not exceeding 5°C, else bacteria can grow to dangerous levels and cause illness. How often do you use a thermometer to check the temperature of your food pans?

Refrigerated Prep Counters

Reduce preparation time, enhance product freshness

True’s prep table products use patented air-flow refrigeration systems to maintain a consistent and even 0.5°C to 5°C temperature across ALL pans, ensuring your high quality ingredients remain fresh and safe to consume, without drying out.

TSSU Prep Counters feature configurable Gastronorm pan space, able to accommodate a combination of pan sizes tailored to your operation, with large capacity refrigerated storage for easy replenishment.

TPP Prep Counters are designed specifically for pizza operators, featuring a deep preparation surface, large capacity refrigerated storage and insulated gasket lids to preserve topping freshness.

Savings through energy efficiency

Utility costs for operating commercial refrigeration equipment over years of service can vastly exceed the initial acquisition cost of the product.

By choosing the most efficient equipment available, energy consumption can be considerably reduced, helping you save money and be a more sustainable business.

1/1 Gastronorm Counters

Energy-leading leading counter refrigeration

True’s range of 1/1 GN counter products have been designed to set a new standard for functionality, performance and elegance in the professional kitchen.

Available in 2 or 3 sections, refrigerator and freezer, these 1/1 Gastronorm counters tick all boxes for the modern kitchen, including front-breathing/zero clearance, European industry standard dimensions, and featuring True’s state of the art temperature control technology.

Available in a wide range of options, including doors or chef drawers, and counter tops with or without 100mm backsplash.

Why True use a “Bottom-mount” design?

Unlike most other manufacturers, True champion the use of a “Bottom-mount” design on our Uprights, where the compressor and condenser components are housed in the bottom section of the cabinet.

Compressors perform better in coolest, most grease free area of kitchen. And since heat rises, this usually means lower is better. It isn’t the easiest way to manufacture a fridge, but we think it is the best.

Upright Cabinets

Essential large capacity storage

A staple of most kitchens, Uprights provide convenient access with large storage capacity.  TGN’s are 2/1 Gastronorm compatible upright products, featuring the latest in energy efficient refrigeration technology and unique features like our “E” shaped interior slide system, designed to accommodate both a wire shelf and GN pans, allowing full use of the cabinet net capacity.

T-Series’s are True’s original upright products, offering the widest range of model sizes and build options to suit every kitchen operation. World renowned for their durability and used in the most demanding kitchens, these heavy duty uprights feature a Lifetime Guarantee on the door hinges.

Fully commercial grade, small footprint refrigeration

While many standard size 150 Ltr. Undercounters on the market operate on ‘static coil’ and ‘cold shelf’ systems (typical of domestic refrigeration equipment), True’s unit TUC-24-HC features a fully commercial grade ‘forced air’ system, designed to hold temperature consistently in high demand commercial kitchen conditions. Our cooler carries a Climate Class 5 label certification as proof.

Undercounter Storage

Unobtrusive spot refrigeration

Undercounter units are a popular choice for the modern kitchen, providing on-the-spot access to chilled and frozen storage in a wide range of footprints, big and small.

TUC’s are True’s all-purpose undercounter range, featuring a large number of different sizing and build options, including glass door and drawer products. All feature fully commercial forced-air refrigeration systems, operating on environment and energy friendly R290 Hydrocarbon to guarantee food safe 0.5 to 3.3°C holding temperatures, even in demanding kitchens.

Patented technologies for better, more efficient refrigeration

True has been manufacturing refrigeration equipment for over 75 years. During this time, we have developed and patented various technologies which we use to create better, more efficient refrigeration.

Technologies such as our Reversing Condenser Units, with fan motors which reverse direction periodically to blow outwards, helping keep the condenser coil free from dirt, dust and debris. Keeping coils clean optimises performance, providing colder holding temperatures and increased energy efficiency.

Keg Chill & Dispense

The perfect serve

When serving high volumes of a specific beer, you might want to consider having it on tap. This can save you money, as beer on tap is less expensive (per volume) than by the bottle. Most people will agree it tastes better too!

Unlike fixed draught beer systems, “Direct Draw” Beer Dispenser units provide a simple alternative by storing and chilling at source, so have no plumbing requirements, and can be easily repositioned to creating mobile bar areas.

True’s TDD products are able to chill and dispense a variety of liquid products, supporting a wide array of keg sizes.

Premier after-sale support, for guaranteed peace of mind.

ALL True Products are covered, as standard, by an industry-leading 5 Years Parts & Labour Warranty. Our network of trained service partners operate in all regions where our equipment is supplied, allowing us to provide a faster, more local service, and minimise downtime for our clients.

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